Our Leadership

Valerie M. Dawson, RPR, RMR

  • Employment: Official Court Reporter for the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, MD
    25 years.
  • Married to David Dawson, also a court reporter (retired).
  • Live in Salisbury, Maryland

Went to court reporting school at the Reporting Academy of Virginia in Springfield, Virginia, from 1989 to 1991. Upon completing court reporting school, worked in the freelance field doing depositions, administrative hearings, etc. In July of 1994 began employment with the Circuit Court and have been there ever since. I still do freelance work based on my availability.

I am an RPR, Registered Professional Reporter, as well as an RMR, Registered Merit Reporter.

I served as President of the Maryland Court Reporters Association for the years 2001/2002, as well as served as an officer or a board member of the MCRA at different times through the years during my career, most recently serving as Secretary for the year 2015/2016.

I volunteered to be President again in January 2020 when the acting President resigned.

I am very active with issues as it relates to the court reporting profession and the Maryland Judiciary, having served on and am currently serving on a court reporting committee which is reviewing the practices and cost structure of court reporters in the state of Maryland.

Ronda Thomas, RPR, CRR

A Baltimore native and now living in Catonsville, Maryland. She started her freelance reporting career in 1990 after graduating from Villa Julie College. During the early 2000s, she took a hiatus to stay home with her two sons who are now 17 and 19.

She recently was the host of a podcast that focused on encouraging reporters to provide realtime by sharing her experiences during the past 30 years and some things she learned along the way.

Ronda enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and country line dancing which is where she met her fiance, Larry, who understands shen she says, “I’ve got a daily,” that there will not be dinner!

Ronda recently accepted an Official Reporter position at the United States District Court in Baltimore, Maryland, and she is looking forward to a new chapter in reporting.

Margary Rogers, BCR, RPR, CRI, RSA

Margary has been an Official Court Reporter at D.C. Superior Court in Washington, D.C. for 17 years. From 2000 to 2003, she was a freelance court reporter in Washington D.C. Margary has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Court Reporting, an Associates Degree as a Legal Assistant and a Concentration in Psychology from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, all obtained 1998 to 2000. . In 2008, she completed the Realtime Master Workshop with Anital Paul. She has earned the RPR in 2011, RSA certification in 2009, and has recently passed the CRC Written Knowledge test. She is now practicing to pass the CRC Skills portion to obtain her CRC.

Margary loves giving back to her court reporting community. She has earned her CRI in 2002. She taught court reporting at Anne Arundel Community College in Hanover, Maryland; Howard University Continuing Education Department in Silver Spring, Maryland and in Northern Virginia. She is a NCRF donor and a student sponsor. Tutoring court reporting students brings her joy. Margary hosted a “High Tea for High Achievers” event in 2019 during the Denver NCRA convention for court reporting students.

In addition to giving back, Margary is a member of the NCRA and has been a seminar speaker at NCRA and MCRA annual conventions and conferences. Ms. Rogers has participates in promotion and marketing events for Court Reporting & Captioning Week at her job, in her community and via social media. She was a member of the NCRA’s Peers Helping Peers Committee and has written articles for the JCR, one article in particular entitled “What are you thinking about?” In 2020, Ms. Rogers created a Facebook entitled “Stenographers Leveling up with Certifications” a group to encourage and promote court reporters to obtain court reporting certifications. This group also featured and interviewed in the JCR Weekly in May 2020.

Ms. Rogers is passionate about her profession and is always seeking to sharpen her skills. She tries to attend every annual convention and participate in the NCRA annual business meetings. She participates in promotion and marketing events for National Court Reporting & Captioning Week at D.C. Superior Court. She is a member of the Values Change Team at D.C. Superior Court in the Court Reporting Division. As a member of the VCT , Margary, along with the other members of her team organize and facilitate meetings, seminars and workshops where she promotes the values, mission, and goals of the Court as a whole.

In 2010, Margary graduated from the Management Training Program at D.C. Superior Court Margary believes in being the best you can be in your profession and always giving back to a cause that is dear to your heart.
Margary is the proud mother of one little girl, seven-year-old Ava.

David R. Dawson, RPR

Married to Valerie M. Dawson, (court reporter), living in Salisbury, Maryland.

I grew up and went to school in Georgetown, Delaware, and then my family moved to Rehoboth. After a friend of my father’s suggested court reporting as a profession, I went to the Stenotype Institute of Washington, which later became Strayer College. After completing school, three years, I started working on Capitol Hill doing freelance work, covering hearings and other functions.

A job was offered to me to move to the Eastern Shore and work as an official in the court system, traveling to the different counties of the First Judicial Circuit, to include Dorchester, Worcester, Somerset, and Wicomico Counties. I travelled the circuit for a few years and then was offered the job to stay permanently in Worcester County.

I reported in the First Judicial Circuit from July of 1967 until I retired in July of 2013. That’s a total of 46 years. I continue to freelance in the immediate area. I am an RPR, Registered Professional Reporter. I have personally hired, trained, mentored, and tutored most of the court reporters that now work in the First Judicial Circuit.

I have served as President and Board Member of the Maryland Court Reporters Association over the years, serving as Treasurer for many years in the early 2000s.

I volunteered to be Treasurer again in 2019.

Cindy Davis, RPR
Board Member

Cindy graduated from Peirce Junior College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1979 with a certificate in court reporting. Due to the unsuccessful attempt to pass her first RPR test, Cindy took a 20-year hiatus and wasted her time in dead-end jobs, waiting for court reporting technology to create affordable CAT systems that didn’t require taking on a second mortgage. During her second stint in court reporting school in 1999, Cindy worked part time for Olender Reporting in Washington, D.C., and learned the behind-the-scenes operations of a freelance agency. In October 2000 she officially became a freelance reporter by taking her first solo deposition, which kicked her butt and almost caused her to never return to court reporting. Cindy left the freelance field and took a position as an official reporter with Prince George’s County Circuit Court in May 2005, the same year she FINALLY earned her RPR! In August 2014 Cindy accepted a position with the U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland. Cindy is an empty-nester and makes her home in Annapolis with Cooper, her 11-year-old yellow lab, and Charlie, her four-year-old rescued, neurotic, mentally unstable Great Pyrenees mix. Cindy’s motto is “Never Give Up.”